The Family Tree is a 12-piece band led by singer & pianist Anders ”Hofstone” von Hofsten and rapper Patrik ”Mac One” Larsson, and known in Sweden as one of the strongest soul live acts ever, letting loose pure power and a highly contagious groove. The music is a tasty cocktail of funk, soul, hiphop, jazz and acid jazz.

The start

Founded in Malmö in 1994, the band was a continuation of a solo project that Patrik was starting up, called ”Mac and the Guttersnipes”. Coming from the successful hiphop trio Treble ’N Bass (”My Sweet Señorita”, ”Jam Jam Jam”) he wanted to kick off a new, more live played act influenced by such groups as The Roots and Brand New Heavies. At this time, Anders was studying music at Fridhems Folkhögskola in Svalöv, and had already established himself as one of the baddest singers on the local soul scene, leading the hard touring funk band ”Dr Fonkenstein”.

Having worked with Anders on Treble ’N Bass single ”Rain & Sunshine (Olah Olah Hey)”, Patrik asked him to join. Anders accepted and brought along his favourite players: soul brother Jonas von Hofsten on drums, guitar groovster Jens Mattsson on guitar and funk genious Thobias Gabrielson on bass. The solo project had turned into a band – in fact a little family – and soon the name was changed to just that, ”The Family Tree”. First recordings were made by Patrik’s long time partner Johan Bejerholm, in his World Studios.

Playing live, the branches of the tree grew even more, including Johan Holmström on keyboards, Erik Wierup on percussion, Johanna Wierup and Ingela Olson on backing vocals, and of course ”The Hunky Horns”: Viktor Sand on saxophone, Patrick Björsjö on trombone and Niclas Arn on trumpet.

The build up

During 1995, the band was established as a killing live act, playing around southern Sweden and Denmark in wider and wider circles, building a solid audience. Clubs visited included KB in Malmö, Mejeriet in Lund, Nefertiti in Gothenburg, Fasching in Stockholm and Jazz House and Park Café in Copenhagen. Festivals attended were among others Malmöfestivalen and Folkfesten in Malmö – headlining on the slot after The Cardigans… The songwriting (always by Anders and Patrik) developed too and soon the band found themselves sitting on a record deal with Lemon/Carlton Records. Consequently, during fall the same year, the recording of their debut album – produced by Anders – started at Berno Studio, Malmö.

First single, released in December 1995, was ”Make Way for the Family”, which was to become a big anthem for the band, with it’s dancable groove and energizing lyrics. Second single ”Together” followed in February 1996: a p-funkish pop pearl with moog bass, that was a dance floor smash and also gained plenty of airplay, as well as visability for the video on Z-TV and other TV channels.

The victory march

Finally, on March 8:th in 1996, the album ”Rouse!” was released, gaining fine reviews and placing The Family Tree in the swedish soul game once and for all, side by side with bands like Blacknuss, Stonefunkers and Newtone.
The band did important performances on swedish television and lots of press and radio, and was now sailing on a soul cloud. Spring delivered a sold out tour playing the big clubs and during summer they continued blazing the festivals of Sweden and Scandinavia, visiting Malmöfestivalen, Storsjöyran and Vattenfestivalen to mention a few.

The touring went on through fall and winter 1996/1997 – among other things they hosted their own monthly Soul Revue at legendary jazz club Fredmans in Malmö – culminating in a sold out New Years Eve funk celebration at Kulturbolaget.

So what happened THEN?

In 1997, The Family Tree were supposed to have recorded and released their second album, but things turned out differently, as they sometimes tend to do in life. Especially with hard touring large bands, fighting to survive on not only the love they gain all around. No hard feelings, not even a real break up, but the band dissolved into separate funk atoms.

Anders ”Hofstone” von Hofsten moved to Stockholm to pursue a successful career as a solo artist, singer and keyboardist, recording in the boy band bubble of legendary Cherion Studio and live with artists like Robyn, Jennifer Brown, Amanda Jenssen and Simone Moreno. He has released two solo albums: ”Bottom of a Heart” (2005) under the alias Hofstone, and ”Cosmic Lullabies” (2016).
Patrik ”Mac One” Larsson took a step over the line and joined the other side of music business, working as a music executive, A&R and label manager at Playground Music and in his own company. He is an aftersought speaker and expert at music business panels and conferences around the world.
Thobias Gabrielson is since long one of Sweden’s most wanted bass players, having played with Kaah, Nils Landgren, Magnus Öström, DAMN! to mention a few, and he also has his own artist career, with the album ”Growth” (2011) as a fine example.
Ingela Olson, Johan Holmström, Niclas Arn and Viktor Sand are also performing musicians and song writers. The rest of the members of the band have kept playing and swaying, but only slightly outside the public spotlights.

And what happens NOW?

The die-hard fans have finally had their way. The family way. So make way for the family!
On massive demand, ”Rouse!” is re-released digitally during fall 2019, for the first time ever. And in January 2020, The Family Tree will reunite and perform two EXCLUSIVE concerts. Who knows if it all turns into a TOUR…?
Stay tuned!